Sequins Shange(Jacky)

hd A, elbows free, eyes clear, GR PRA1 free, GR PRA 2 free, ICT Carrier

dob 21-11-14


Much A Doo vd Beerse Hoeve Ch. Ebbledown Riversleigh Talliska Trade off to Lindjan
Ebbledown High Society
Ch. Ringtone vd Beerse Hoeve Ch. Xanthos Apple Jack
Midnight Madness vd Beerse Hoeve
Mathilda of the Hellacious Acres Int. Ch. Inassicas Coriander Ch. Cheer's Way of the World
Inassicas Sea Mayweed
Ch. Martha of the Hellacious Acres Jun.Ch. Sansue Hi'land Storm
Ch. Bows of the Hellacious Acres







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