Sequins Scarlatti(Latty)

hd A, elbows free, eyes clear, GR PRA1 & GR PRA 2 free by parents, ICT free

dob 08-04-17


Morgan Freeman Anarchia Box Ch. Summeramba Last Orders Ch. Erinderry Just the Ticket from Bluewaters
Summeramba Sherbert Lemon
Ch. Xciting Oligarchia Ch. Summeramba Chopin
Ch. Off Course of the Hellacious Acres
Sequins Shange Much A Doo vd Beerse Hoeve Ch. Ebbledown Riversleigh
Ch. Ringtone vd Beerse Hoeve
Mathilda of the Hellacious Acres Int. Ch. Inassicas Coriander
Ch. Martha of the Hellacious Acres







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