Op 20 maart 2018 zijn er 2 reutjes en 6 teefjes geboren van:



Sequins Shankill (Reece)

Sequins Sogrape (Holly)

HD A, ED vrij, Ogen vrij, DNA: PRA 1 & 2 & ICT: vrij

hd A, elbows free, eyes clear

Sequins Shankill Ch. Rosegrove Let it Be Me Ch. Shardanell Castaspell
Rosegrove Follow your Dream
Mathilda of the Hellacious Acres Ch. Inassicas Coriander
Ch. Martha of the Hellacious Acres
Sequins Sogrape Ch. Dewmist Rainbow Quest Golmas Governor, GB.Sh.Ch.
Gatchells Royal Orchid
Non-Stop Jam Session Ch. Gatchells Man of Honour
Ch. Non-Stop Dio





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